20 December 2010

4 Days of Christmas pt 1

Thought I better share some Christmas projects before Christmas is over lol!
So welcome to my 4 days of Christmas haha! I've got Jack in preschool next year on the same day as Charlotte so hopefully I'll have better luck at regular blogging next year when I have a day "off".
I'm also trying to work out the whole change between PC & Mac, I'm loving my Macbook but it's still a bit of a learning curve, things that I took for granted have all changed, like alt+ctrl+del is now cmd+opt+esc (I had to google that because I forgot...), so it's just taking a while to get the hang of things.

Images © Stampin' Up!, Designs © Zarna Gould

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Allison said...

Some classic CAS cards for Christmas...great work Zarna!