01 September 2009

Baby's birthday - Blog Candy without the Candy...

Something I did when I was pregnant with Charlotte was run a little pool on when she would be born and what sex she was going to be(since we didn't find out last time). With the baby due this month I thought it might be fun to do it again. No prizes, just the satisfaction of getting it right (and don't we all love to be right?).

***In interest of full disclosure my official due date is the 17th, and when I was pregnant with Charlotte I was 2 days over by 1 due date and 2 days under by another. And you don't have to guess a sex, since we already know this one is a boy lol***
Leave a comment with your guess and I'll write your name next to the date.
2 Sept -
3 Sept -
4 Sept -
5 Sept -
6 Sept -
7 Sept -
8 Sept -
9 Sept -
10 Sept -
11 Sept -
12 Sept - Marcia
13 Sept -
14 Sept -
15 Sept - Sam
16 Sept -
17 Sept - Sharon & Clare
18 Sept - Deb
19 Sept - Zarna
20 Sept - Robyn
21 Sept - Krista
22 Sept - Nikki Pascoe
23 Sept -
24 Sept -
25 Sept -
26 Sept -
27 Sept -
28 Sept - Meanie Lyndon (I shouldn't even allow this one, I had to add an extra date because Lyndon was so mean lol)
I've only gone 10 days past since that's about a week longer than I would want to go, and I've already said if i'm more than a few days late I'm going to camp up at maternity until they do something about it haha
I put my guess in on the 19th, even though I don't want to go over, that's my dad's birthday so I think that would be kind of cool...

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Sam said...

I'll guess the 15th Zarna!

Best wishes for the birth :-).

Deb said...

I'm guessing the 18th because it's my half-birthday ;)

Marcia P said...

Alrighty then .... hmmm ..... I am going to be nice to you and say the 12th.

:) Marcia P

Nikki Pascoe said...

Ok Zarna, it's my little man's 2nd birthday today, and unless you pop your newest addition out in the next couple of hours, I'm going to go for the 22nd - both my boys dates added together!

Good luck with the birth!


lyndonphipps said...

My guess it the 28th - sorry :)

Sharon said...

I'm going to say the 17th

Clare (Littlebear) said...

I think the 17th too. Best wishes!
Clare x

Robyn said...

Hi Zarna! All the best for bubba's arrival! I say the 20th!