06 January 2009


I've been MIA lately, and I'm sorry!!! And you have to put up with me blabbering away as I have no cards to post today either, I have been working on a few things but nothing I can really share here just yet (don't you hate when people say that???) because they aren't mine to share until other people have seen them first!

I can also blame my lack of blogging on my good friend Nomes, she gave me the first book in the twilight series 2 weeks ago and I have been working my way through them, (with a few gaps as I've had to wait for the next copy to be returned to the library). I'm up to number 3 and I'm absolutely loving it! It's amazing how many people have read them, any time you're reading them out in public people will just come up to you and say "what number are you up to?" or ask you how you're liking them, like the other day i was sitting in Macca's at Lithgow waiting for charlotte to finish her last 2 chicken nuggets (taking like forever!) and started reading and the lady next to me just started talking with us about the books and suggesting other books I might like (which I can't remember now!). It was great to meet someone new I probably wouldn't have spoken to otherwise!

While I'm going I should mention that the lovely Chrissie has nominated me for a blogging award:

I think I'm supposed to pass it along to some more people so I nominate:
All of these ladies make beautiful cards & layouts so if you haven't checked out their blogs yet you really should!

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Robyn said...

Thank you Zarna!It's such a pretty award! What a great start to the new year-just what I needed to get me going!!