17 July 2007

What's been goin' on?

I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I'd stop being lazy and actually write something.
Yesterday Amy C, Karin & I sorted through all the Cadbury (mmmm...cadbury...) chocolate for the Watoto Fundraiser, even though we'd sorted it out so that every box would have a bit of everything in it instead of getting a whole box of Freddo's or whatever and that the $ value would be the same we ended up with an extra chocolate which Karin & I thought we had found, but then last night I thought I'd better double check a couple of boxes and found some others that were wrong (all ones I'd originally packed) so Justin and I spent last night going through and recounting all 41 of the boxes and then repacking them to find the ones with extras, and it was literally the last box we checked out of all 41 that had the mistake in it! Grrr! But man how good did all that chocolate smell? Even in it's wrappers you can smell it! Yum!!!
I've been making some handmade cards using Lisa's products for the Watoto Fundraisers as well and it's been so much fun, really addictive! We'll have to organise an afternoon where we can all sit down together and have some fun making more, (I've already made about a dozen but there's about 200 plus to make lol!) Mum's been our best customer, she's already bought 5 of them! Here are some pics of some of the cards I've made:

Speaking of my mum being my best customer, most of you already know that I've been trying to get my kids clothing business going well I finally sold some stuff over the weekend (to someone other than my mum!) it was so fun to actually have 'real' customers, I was sold out of one size within 1 day, 1 person bought 4 of the same thing!!! I also had another sale overnight last night so that's really cool! I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere!

Spud's been going well, really active, lots of kicking and somersaulting going on in there! I swear we've got a Footy, Karate or Gymnastics star growing in there! I go to the dr's tomorrow for my checkup, I'm dreading how much weight I've put on this month, last month I put on too much and I haven't been able to stop eating, I've been starving and it doesn't matter how much or how little I eat, I'm always hungry!!!

I read the dilbert blog by Scott Adams pretty regularly and he had a link to this page the other day and I thought it was hilarious and I think all you Star Wars fans will too!


Lisa Robb said...

You are an inspirational card maker Zarna. I love what you have been able to create so quickly. I am glad you are getting use out of your stamps. Thanks for the link to my blog too. I am so excited that you have some real customers too, well done!

Nomes said...

hey zarna

cool post.

I can't believe it was the last box that was stuffed up! When do we start getting boxes to sell?

You probably haven't put on much weight, you don't look fatter, just more pregnant.

Congrats on selling some clothes!

I like the cards. you sould have a card making night (so I can come without my kids....) I am hopeless, but I probably can make a few.


Deb said...

funky cards - how much are they? I might have to buy some :)

Deb said...

I know why you've been putting on weight....

"Day 172: Baby's lungs continue to grow rapidly"


Zarna said...

They're going to be $2 each, the baby one in the pic has been sold already though, mum wanted it lol!
Boxes come out on Sunday.

Clairey said...

Hey! Love the cards!! They are totally awesome!

You're making me jelous...chocolate...mmmm...do u have strawberry freddos...if i were there i'd probably be ur best customer...yum!!!

Zarna said...

strawberry, mint, white & plain freddos! Caramello Koalas, Blocks of Choc & Chupa Chups!!!!

Clairey said...

yum!! how awesome! I should come visit...lol.

Loved the site with the star wars comparison...awesome! Must be twins!

Nomes said...

cool cards (again)

you are famous now

everyne was so impressed on sunday