10 April 2007

Moving and other things

Well, we finished the move on the weekend, now I have to unpack... yuck!!!
We haven't got the internet on at home yet so I've gone to the library to catch up and fill in some time.
I am so bored at home atm! It might be better once I've unpacked and know where everything is but I just so can't be bothered. I unpacked a few boxes of books and put them on the bookshelf this morning so that's something I suppose.
We had fun at Nomes & Petes on Sunday night, don't think we left til almost 2am, way too late for me & spud!
I haven't had any morning sickness for 3 whole days now!!! I hope that means the end of it. I threw up this morning but I didn't actually feel sick which was bizarre, I just coughed and then had to run to the bathroom, threw up and then felt fine again. I don't know what that was but at least I didn't have all the nausea to go with it. You boys don't know how easy you get it!
I got Toobed on Saturday, but my Toobers weren't very discreet, I think asking 'did you get the toobs?' kinda gives it away...
Justin started work this morning, he looked so funny in his new uniform (I took pics I'll stick them on later) he was almost like a little kid on his first day of school!
Oh well, my time has run out so I better go and find something else to do, I think I might go have a milkshake or something before Justin finishes work so I don't have to drive home and then drive back downtown to pick him up!


Nomes said...

Alright, which Toober said Did you get Toobed!!!???!!?

Nomes said...

Can't wait to see Justin looking like a school boy!

Nomes said...


I was totally at the town library from 3:50pm - 4:30!!!!!!

Didn't you hear my kids playing hide and seek?

Did you snob me?????

What hours does Justin work anyway??

Nomes said...

What milkshake flavour is your fave??

Rinni said...

I'll come and annoy you for a little bit tomorrow...are you thrilled?! ;op

Deb said...

it wasn't me!

check out toobed.blogspot.com - soon it will be the online record of us taking over the world, one packet of toobs at a time!!

Deb said...

a friend of mine had a baby on the weekend, and they called their new daughter 'Zara Jane' :)

pete said...

when am i gonna get toobed? I want twisties instead though. Toobes taste a bit wierd. hey do some blogging you bludger. You would think you were unpacking a house or something with the amount of blogging you do! ;)

Zarna said...

Nomes: I’m not dobbing
Nomes: I’ll put the pic on as soon as we get internet, which may not be as soon as we hoped!
Nomes… Again: I wasn’t snobbing you I just didn’t know you were there, were you snobbing me?!?!? Justin works 9-5.30 like a normal person
Nomes… You must have been bored: My fave milkshake is either choc mint from wendy’s or caramel from anywhere else
Deb: Your friends are spastic coz they spelt the best name in the whole world wrong!
Pete: You can’t get toobed with twisties that’s just sacreligious!