26 April 2007

I HATE telstra!!!

Telstra are a bunch of losers!!! We still don't have the internet and it's driving me insane!!! I bet if we were bigpond customers they wouldn't screw us around like this! Our internet company is trying to get us connected and Telstra keep being idiots and stuffing everything up because they own the lines and stuff they can do what they want!
Ok, now I've got that out of my system I'll update you all on my fascinating, fascinating life.
Yesterday we got Spud's cot & changetable out of layby, they look so cute, I had to put sheets and stuff on the cot and it's gorgeous! They're a really nice dark wood and the sheet/quilt set we got at the moment is white with little silver stars (I'll get something funkier once the baby's born so I can get girly or boyish). Justin's mum gave us his 'teddy' from when he was little the other day and we've stuck it in the pram, it looks funny coz the teddy is bigger than about a 2 year old, I'd put photos on but... (stupid telstra!)
Anyway I'll go and check out what all of you guys have been up to before I run out of time.


savage said...

stupid telstra! :(

Rinni said...

Aww, cute! I'll have to see Spud's room all decked out!

That sucks about your internet though. Maybe when I (eventually) get broadband I better go with bigpond then!

Megan (well der) said...

hey zarna! How's things??? Sounds shitty wif telstra atm!!! All of us back here miss you (n maka misses her babysitter!!!) She is 11months old next week!!! omg she is gunna be one before I know it (and i'll be doing that birthday party for her!!) I miss u heaps hope ur pregnancy is doing ok - we find out hopefully next thursday what our "spud" lol is. I cant wait!!!!! Huggles n kisses to u all :) (a big slobbery one to justin!! heheh) Bye!!!

Deb said...

you've got internet at home now - I want photos, no more excuses!!