07 March 2011

New video series - Quilting with the Bigshot

I have a new video series for you, here are the first 2 videos, I'll get the rest up once I edit them and as I finish the quilt.
Excuse the eyeshadow, it wasn't really that dodgy looking but I had trouble with lighting and it made it look darker. I hope you enjoy them, it's my first go at using iMovie as well as at filming myself so I have a bit to learn. I also don't know how to choose the exact point I want for the YouTube thumbnail so I can't get rid the dodgy ones of me for the pretty intro sequence I made...


Link for quilt sizing: http://www.stargazey.com/downloads/sizingbedquilts.pdf

Tools & Prep:

Images © Stampin' Up!, Designs © Zarna Gould


Kathy @ Stamping Still said...

Aren't you clever!
I love the "um count" very funny.
I feel like I know you REALLY now.
Well done!

Karen said...

Hey Zarna, great video thanks for sharing. Love the quilt