28 February 2011

Blog Award

Even though I haven't blogged consistently in forever, 2 of my beautiful blogging friends awarded me this little lovely blog award!
Kathy awarded it to me as an encouragement to keep blogging and Louise (can't wait to catch up with you at Convention!!!!!!) awarded it to me for being inspirational.

As a condition of being nominated I have to pass the love onto 5 bloggers. I'm going to cheat and just nominate 5 rather than 5 per award given to me :)
I have chosen 5 of my favourite bloggers, you know the ones that when you open your google reader and see there is a new post you have to read it before you read any of the others? So here they are in no particular order:

  • Naomi - Naomi is a real life friend as well as a blogging friend and she isn't a stamping blogger (despite the blog name inkcrush) but if you love to read you'll love her blog, Nomes has a passion for reading (and goes through books like noone else) and she has never given me or recommended to me a book that I haven't liked yet.
  • Karen - As well as being a sweet person that I "met" on SCS Karen is one of the most dedicated stampers I know, some days I think she must enter every stamping challenge on the web! I hope one day I can catch up with Karen in real life!
  • Allison - Allison is another lovely person I "met" online, I can't remember how I stumbled across her blog but I'm so glad I did! I now consider her a friend and I was so excited to get a Christmas card from her last year, all the way from CANADA! Apart from having great taste in Girl's names (she has a Charlotte too!) she is a dedicated blogger with a new post (or 3) most days. If you like sketch challenges make sure you check out her blog, she has a linky program thingie set up that you can enter any sketch challenges that you find so there is a great consolidated list of sketches any time you feel that your mojo is waning.
  • Leonie - Leonie is one of my twitter/facebook buddies as well as a brilliant stamper. She even organised accomodation for my downline & I at convention even though we weren't part of her team and there's nothing in it for her (except of course Leanne's & my company!), for that I am very grateful and I can't wait to spend some more time with her in person!
  • Robyn - Robyn is another challenge enterer, and she makes some beautiful cards & I have a couple of favourited at the moment to copy later on down the track! I'm lucky enough to have "met" Robyn through my upline Lisa and hopefully we can catch up in person when I'm in her neck of the woods for SU! convention.
The list could go on and on and on so hopefully I haven't made anyone feel left out, but make sure you swing by the girls I nominated and check out their work!

Images © Stampin' Up!, Designs © Zarna Gould


Allison said...

Thanks for the sweet shout-out Zarna!

Nomes said...

thanks zarna ~ it's awesome being your *real life friend*

xo Nomes

Karen said...

Oh wow thanks for the award I was very chuffed when I saw it. One day we might meet you just never know. Challenges keep my inspiration going and makes me think outside the square, plus there a lot of fun. hehe.