04 October 2007

Spud's B'day

Here are everyones guesses on the baby's birthday! Let's see who's right!

5 Oct - Olivia / Girl

7 Oct - Claire / Girl

10 Oct - Bob / Boy ... Deb / Boy

13 Oct - Zarna / Girl

15 Oct ***Due Date From U/Sound #3***

17 Oct - Nomes / Boy ... Chris / Boy

18 Oct - Justin / Girl

19 Oct ***Due Date From U/Sound #1***

20 Oct - Shona / Boy or Girl

21 Oct ***Due Date From U/Sound #2*** - Pete / Boy (Maximillian Power)

22 Oct - Lisa / Girl

25 Oct - Megan / Boy

To the people who put me to go over, thanks, thanks a lot!!! I'm hoping Olivia wins it


Nomes said...

hey zarna.
I only put you a smidgeb over your first date, put before the last 2.
I am secretly hoping it will be the 13th!!!! The same as carissa. Plus that will be friday the 13th. Too cool.
so I'm vouching for a girl on the 13th as well - same as me 3 years ago. Maybe you'll have a good labour like mine too. Less than an hour and a half. No drugs. Glorious.
Enjoy your next few days of bluginess :)

Clairey said...

I'm sooooo pumped!!!!! Everytime the phone rings i'm like oooh! Is it Zarna? lol... you absolutely have to ring me when they're born...then you can see me the whether it's a boy or a girl, their name and how much they weighed....im soooo excited!!

Clairey said...

tell me...not see me btw lol

poiter said...

i still think Maximillian Power is the best name. Dont you think it sounds like a good strong name? If its a girl call it "Maxi-mini Power"


Megan (well der) said...

im sorry! hehe i hope it doesnt but i hope im right!!!

Livi said...

I wanna be right, but there's only one more hour for me to be right!

Megan (well der) said...

i like how claire said "they're" is there more than one in there???? hehehe

Kimi said...

aww pooh I missed out on putting my date on the list! Nevertheless, I hope it's the 13th. Thats a good number plus I was born on the 13th :-)

Congrats to you and Justin! Have been keeping an eye out on facebook (amongst all the poking hehe) for whether you have 'disappeared' or not. Exciting!!

Nomes said...

Todays the day I'm going for!!! And Chris!!

Good Luck!!!


Megan (well der) said...

damn. I was wrong.