24 October 2007

Life as a Mummy

We've been home from hospital since Sunday, Charlotte is the best sleeper, she's only waking up once or twice a night!
On Sunday night they had a special thing for Andrew's 50th and we took Charlotte for her first outing, it was really weird, I have never felt so protective of anyone or anything in my whole life, the little kids came over to see her and I felt like beating them up for coming too close with their snotty noses and germs and bugs!

Tuesday Justin & I went down the street and took Charlotte into Mum's & Justin's work to show her off. Everyone loves her! She was so good and slept the whole time, while we were down the street we went to target and went a little overboard on clothes for her, she has the cutest little wardrobe now!

Yesterday I rolled her on her tummy for some tummy time (about all of a minute) but she lifted her head straight up and stared straight ahead for about 30 secs, she's got such a strong little neck, she's been trying to lift her head since she was about 2 hours old.

When we got home from hospital we tried to put Charlotte in her brand new 0000 jumpsuits and she's so long that she can't straighten her legs in them! I wish I hadn't washed them first!!! We've got her in 000's now but they're so big around her that they absolutely swim on her, but she does look so cuddly!!!


Bob said...

Coralie had a cuddle yesterday and I didn't. I feel cheated.

Clairey said...

aww you poor thing Dad! lol At least you actually get to have a cuddle ;)

><> Kelly ><> said...

Lol, i remember the feeling of wanting to wrap them in a bubble.
Believe me that protectiveness will never leave your heart Zarna... I think once we become parents we truly begin to appreciate our parents.
May God have his favour on Your Princess and your family...

Deb said...

awww, for some reason I missed this post when it first came out.

I can vouch for her strong neck!!