24 August 2007

Ultrasound #3

I had another ultrasound today, the placenta has moved up where it's supposed to be now, which is still good, but we haven't really ruled out a caesarean for certain as the baby is still bum down and it should be head down by now, apparently if it doesn't turn soon it won't have any room to turn.
The baby has grown heaps and they estimated it's weight at about 4 pound 2 ounces or something which means approx an 8 pound baby at term, because of the size of the head, stomach and leg they've moved my due date forward almost a week to the 15th of Oct so I'm now 33 weeks pregnant... I was born at 33 1/2 weeks!!! I was 5 pound 4 when I was born but 4 pound is still quite a good size for this age so that's good.
Dad & Bob came along for the ultrasound, the lady was a little weird and made Justin sit in the corner and wouldn't let them in until she'd finished doing the measurements and everything then let them come in at the end, normally they've let everyone stand there and watch the whole thing and explain what they were measuring and why as they went - this room was the biggest ultrasound room I've seen so far and you could have fit about another 5 people in without feeling crowded so I don't know what her problem was. I'm definately going to request the Hospital if I have to go for any more in the future. Russell at the hospital is really good and if anything explains too much. Besides, at the hospital it's all digital and you get it on cd instead of on film so you can burn off all the videos and watch the baby any time you want. Dad & Bob really enjoyed the ultrasound though and were really impressed with seeing the face and watching them drink the amniotic fluid.
We still haven't found out what we're having, but we wouldn't have been able to if we wanted to because the baby was in a really weird position, it did that last time too turning away and hiding the body parts that Russell needed to measure! Only 7 weeks and we'll know I suppose.


Nomes said...

hey zarna

thats cool you are 5 days closer! less time waiting

i hope you are having a sufficiently bludgey day.

thats so weird that the others weren't allowed in for the whole ultrasound! how annoying!

Deb said...

annoying indeed. But still, the image of Justin being told to sit in the corner is funny!

I can't wait to see you guys in action as parents :)

You need to put the updated due date on your baby widgets :P

Zarna said...

It is updated :p, updated it when I did the post

Kimi said...

Wow time is going so quickly! I don't believe how little time you have left until you have a little bub in your arms :-) Bet you and Justin are excited!!

Rinni said...

How very cool and exciting! It doesn't seem like 9 months at all (well, I bet you feel it though!)