21 August 2007

Bit of everything

I haven't blogged in ages so I thought I'd do a post with a bit of everything:

A few weeks ago we had Justin's 30th Birthday party (isn't he old?!? - I'm married to someone in his thirties!!!) We had a pirate's & ninja's theme and fancy dress was compulsory. It was heaps of fun with the last of the partiers leaving at 3am. Here are some photo's of the party, I didn't take many because I got too busy, but I think everyone's costumes looked fantastic!
Gemea had already taken her costume off but she came as a Fairy Pirate with wings and a wand. Harry's costume was gorgeous, Meg & Steve went to a costume hire for theirs. Justin & Jason ordered theirs off some guy Jason knows that gets all the karate uniforms and stuff so they're proper ninja suits. It's a little hard to see the cakes but we had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Pirates of the Carribbean Cakes to go with the theme.

Weekend before last we went to Canberra for the weekend as a last chance to go away by ourselves before the baby comes, for Justin's birthday I bought us 'Zooventures' at the National Zoo & Aquarium. It was a really cool afternoon! You get admission into the zoo as part of the tour so we went around and looked at all the cool animals first, my favourites had to be the capuchin monkeys:

Check out the little dude on the left, he has this kind of Elvis hairdo happening, He was my favourite, he was really hard to get a pic of coz he was about 10 times more active than the others.

I love the little guy on the top left pic in the collage above he looks like he's wearing one of those leather jackets with the fringing on it.
After we checked out the animals we met up with our group for the Zooventure tour to get a bit closer to them. We fed a Sumatran Tiger (My favourite), Tigon, Eland, Cougar (They were scary the others sort of just take the food really gently but the Cougar just jumps up at the mesh and snatches it out) and Giraffes. We patted Dingoes and Justin held a Boa Constrictor, I was just proud that I was brave enough to stay in the room, I tried to touch it but she kept looking at me and I probably got within about 6 inches. Considering snakes are one of my top 2 fears (with Sharks) I think I did really well because I could feel myself calming down and my heart stopped pounding while we were in the room with it, I think I might have been able to hold it if I'd had more time to just look at it up close - she was actually quite pretty with a really nice pattern and a non-evil looking face.

While we were in Canberra we went out for dinner with Chris and then went and saw the Simpsons movie (It was hilarious!!!)

What else can I write?...

I saw a link to this article and thought the whole concept was hilarious basically China has banned Tibetian Monks from reincarnating without government permission because the Dalai Lama can supposedly pick who they reincarnate as and the Chinese government want to control the Dalai Lama or something. It was just a really bizarre concept that they want control over reincarnation when it's supposedly a spiritual thing.

I've been doing some stuff lately to get the baby's room ready, I washed some of the little clothes and things the other day and they're so little it's hard to fold them neatly to put them in the drawer, it's all so cute! I have my baby shower on Friday night and I'm really looking forward to it! It should be a really fun night! I have an ultrasound on Friday morning as well so that will be exciting! Still not going to find out what we're having but it's going to be hard to resist, there's only 2 months to go now I've gone this long I can wait a little longer now. If the baby is anything like it's parents it could be more like 2 weeks not months lol. As impatient as I am I don't want them being as early as Justin and I were.

I better go and fold some washing (adult size not baby so I haven't been as motivated to put it away)


Nomes said...

hey zarna

love the photos of justins party! everyone looks really dressed up - wish pete and i could've been there!

the zoo pics look cool too.

your business sounds good. i'm on my way to check out your new stuff now.

Rinni said...

Hey! The party was very fun. You got great photos!

Wish I could've fed the animals when I was at the zoo. Would've made the rain and cold less noticable...!

Deb said...

mad party pics!! I wish I could've been there too! But staying home to get trailers loaded that weekend means I now live behind your back fence - able to swashbuckle you guys anytime!! :P Arrrr!

Deb said...

the zoo pics are cute; I love how you and Justin have an creaturiffic romance going ;)

Deb said...

how bizarre about the reincarnation law!! I thought communist-type countries weren't supposed to believe in any of that!!

Deb said...

I'm looking forward to your baby shower too!

Lisa Robb said...

Hi Zarna,
Great pictures of the party and zoo! The party looked like it was heaps of fun. Make the most of your time BK (before kids). Not long now....