05 March 2007

Another comic

I know, I know I'm slack, I'll get around to blogging properly soon, but this was so funny I had to chuck it on!


Nomes said...

Cool Zarna!

Did you have a good time in canberra?

You are always doing something interesting.

I use my imagination to try & make my life interesting :)

Megan said...

lokl zarna... seriously all u do all day is look at comics don't you!! This is funny btw and I love ur comics :)

Rinni said...

Hi Zarna! Haven't spoken to you for a while so I thought I'd drop by and say Hi! Have fun this weekend!

Rinni said...

Zarna, you used to be the blogging queen - what happened?!

Nomes said...


Whats this I hear about you going away again?

You have the most exciting life! You are always doing something cool (besides reading comics! :)

I haven't even seen debs and katies yet! (& it's my sisters!)

Have a cool time hey!

Love Nomes