24 February 2007


I had my first packet of Toobs as a grown up on Thursday at the airport in Dubbo, I was going to take a photo of them in the machine for Nomes but I thought they might think I was a toob terrorist and cavity search me or something.
I've got to go to work today - YUCK!!!! I hate work atm - so I'll post pics and details and stuff tonight or tomorrow. It was great!


Nomes said...

Welcome back to the World of Toobs!!

Just remember there is an art to eating them - don't just whack it in and start crunching. You have to suck all the flavour out and let the toob dissolve and disintigrate on the roof of your mouth. This will maximise your Toob experience.

Shame about work :(

Rinni said...

Why do you hate work so much at the moment? Hope it gets better for you soon.

I don't understand Toobs - I'm a Cheezels girl myself!

Alli said...

what are toobs?
and what are cheezels?
*looks confused*