25 February 2007

Katies Grad

Ok, so Thursday night straight after work I flew down to Sydney, Deb picked me up from the airport and took me to their place. We had some tea and played "Guess Who" while we waited for Amy & Gemea to turn up.

They got there about 10.30 or 11pm and we unloaded some of Katies stuff & wardrobes from the Carty's car.(A sleepy Gemea when they got there)
We got to bed 'round 1am, then around 2am Aldi (who are right near Deb & Katie's place) got a delivery and kept me awake, so then I finally fell asleep and at 5.30am the fruit shop (also near Deb & Katie's) got a delivery and woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep. So 3 1/2 hrs was about all I got. I'm just a country bumpkin not used to city type noises - It's not really that bad.
Deb had to go to work for a while in the morning so Amy, Gemea & I just hung round the flat, Amy couldn't find any towels so when Gemea & Amy had a bath they used a Handtowel for Gemea & a Sheet for Amy, it was so cute, the handtowel fit all the way 'round Gemea like a real towel would on an adult!(Gemea in her 'towel' & amy in background wearing sheet)
We went to the Grad (I got so carsick coz I was in the front and kept turning around to talk to Amy). It was so pretty and all the girls & staff there were so nice and I think they are really going to miss Katie heaps.(Katie Looking Pretty before the Grad)
(Amy while we're waiting for the grad to start)
(Close up of Deb)
(Close up of Gemea - this one's gotta be saved for her 21st I think!!) (Katie getting her Presents & Certificate)
(Me, Katie & Deb hanging out in Katies room)
(Gemea stole Amy's shoes)


Nomes said...

Hey Zarna

These are really cool photos and it looks like it was awesome!

I love playing guess who too!

Lol about all the city noises keeping you awake!

Katie looks really pretty! She's a stunner!

Have you got more of you 3 girls together?

Gemeas way cute too, especially in her "towel" (I understand why you put so many pics of Gemea on there as she looks cool, otherwise I'd be starting to think you were getting a little bit clucky :) )

Love Nomes

Anonymous said...

hey Zarna

i love your purple monkey dishwasher. he's one cool dude


Zarna said...

I always love pics of Gemea coz she is just so cool!
I only have similar pics of the 3 of us and none with amy in :(

Nomes said...

Hey Deb, if you're out there. Your skin looks fab!!! Really fresh and smooth lush complexion!

Zarna, hey too! I have a black eye. i might put a pic on my blog......

Rinni said...

Cool pics! Looks and sounds like you gals had a great time! Hope it was a little relaxing trip away for ya.

Bob said...

Has that Sav been giving you an eye full Nomes?

Nomes said...

why do hate work?

apart from obvious reasons that it is work :)

Zarna said...

It's a megarly long story (I know I made up a word) that really needs telling in person

Clairey said...

Thanks so much for the pics! Everyone looks awesome...Katie looks absolutely gorgeous! Gemea is so cute!

I'm so proud of Katie!!

Deb said...

nice pics, thanks for the compliment on my skin Nomes!!

Thanks for coming Zarna!! LOL just today someone found a dummy Gemea must've hidden inside one of our guest pillows!!