24 March 2006

More on crusher

Crusher in his basket. Isn't he sweet?!? The blue thing next to him is 'Sharky' the toy shark, Sharky has already had one fin reattachment. He pulls him into his basket and then pushes him out and pulls him back in again for ages.

I had to use this photo instead of the one i took straight after coz it was early in the morning and he gave me dirty looks for waking him up with the flash. He sleeps with Sharky like this almost every night.

Mum & Dad came by on their way to Gulgong tonight to meet their 'grandchild' as they call him. He really liked mum's leg if you know what i mean ;)

This narrow strip on the outside of our sliding door is Crushers favourite place to sit during the day. He half hangs off it or if the doors open lies across the sliding door track (which can't be comfortable) but he stays there for ages.

I promise I'll blog again another time and make it about stuff I've been doing that doesn't revolve around Crusher but right now he takes up about 75% of my free time


Katie said...

awww....very cute pics! i can totally see why he takes up heaps of ur time :)

Clairey said...

Crusher is absolutely adorable!! I just wanna hold him. I wish I had another puppy....oh Well...I love Adrian and Vades.

Have fun playing with ur beautiful baby.. i luv u all

Mum and Dad said...

I am glad you like my little grandchild I think he is wonderful!!!
Good lookin grandma!!

Lami said...

Soooooo Cute!
And BTW, you DON'T look stupid in photos.