12 March 2006

Announcing Crusher

We are proud to announce the arrival of Crusher our brand new 7 week old Chihuahua. We decided to call him a big sounding name to make up for the small size. Justin & Crusher

Me & Crusher, it's a dodgy photo coz he'd just climbed up my shoulder and scratched my neck. Plus I just look stupid in photos.
Crusher is still only on baby food coz despite the name he can't crush up the big stuff yet.


Rinni said...


At least he's a cute looking chihuahua - i don't normally like chihuahua's (not that it matters), but Crusher's absolutely gorgeous! You guys have a very cute baby!! ;op

Katie said...

very kool pics :) so r u or justin gonna do the hollywood thing of carryin him round in a handbag? then again, justin would look a but funny with a handbag :P

Clairey said...

I think he is absolutely, positively gorgeous! I can't wait to meet him and cuddle him and play with him. I just totally love puppies. They're so cool and fun. He can be my nephew! yay! Have fun playing with ur new addition! mwahh

Zarna said...

I want to dress him up like in legally blonde but justin's not gonna let me. I just think he'd look so cute in a hawaiin shirt

*~Deborah~* said...

lol!! You all look verrrrrrrry cool. So nice to 'see' you again....I too will have to meet Crusher in person sometime soon!!