21 December 2006

Lokl - Try it!

Lokl = Laughing Out Krazy Loud
ie: when you laugh out loud and there's noone else home and you know if someone saw you right then they would think you're Krazy with a capital 'K' or when you laugh and laugh and can't stop because you start laughing at yourself laughing and the vicious cycle continues.

The other night Megs & I were chatting on msn and she mad a typo and instead of saying Lol she said Lokl. We decided it meant laughing out krazy loud and I've become obsessed with it instead of Lol.
Just so you know if I use it it's not a typo just my new fave word.


Nomes said...

Hey Zarna,
I love that kind of laughing. The other day I was teaching year One and it was news (gotta love news) and this girl was being really serious and talking about something and it just struck me as funny and the more I tried not to laugh, the more i laughed, and the class was watching me and they started laughing and I tried to tell them to stop, but I was laughing while i was telling them and then I was trying so hard to hold it in, I couldn't even talk. The poor girl was clueless and vulnerable, it was very unprofessional, but a crack-up. You had to be there.

Zarna said...

you're such a mean teacher!!

*~Deborah~* said...

aww!! I can so imagine you! Don't worry, I've heard you're an awesomely popular teacher anyway, so they can't hold that one little outburst against you!