19 August 2006


I got to babysit Makayla today! Megan was at my place today to say hello & return the phone she'd borrowed and while she was hanging out with us she got called in to work. Mike was out of town for work so I volunteered. We had heaps of fun, she's such a good baby, she slept most of the time and didn't even do a pooey nappy for me! She's getting so big she's almost doubled in size since last time I saw her!


><> Kelly ><> said...

I am glad you both had fun..
Megan would appreciate it heaps..
did she make you all clucky?

Rinni said...

That's heaps cool. My friend just had a bub on the 17th August so I get to see her soon too! Bub's are cute, but I like to hand them back!

Zarna said...

she made my dad clucky i think. When he thought noone was watching he'd adjust her blanket or check her hands to make sure she wasn't cold