24 February 2006

and they speak!

Yay people are online again! except Katie! hurry up and come back to blogging! (nah I hope you're having a great time in Adelaide!)

I found this cool game (well ok one of justin's friends found it and they sent it to him and he sent it to me but same diff) and it takes less than 15 minutes, it's a brain teaser kinda thing. Check it out when you have time:
The Package

anyway nothing much happening in my life at the moment except we've been in our new place (or had the keys anyway) for officially 5 weeks today and i still have a dozen boxes to unpack, that was the plan last weekend but... well... you know what it's like. I'm gonna have to do that this weekend I promise!

Have a good one

1 comment:

Katie said...

there u go, just for u, i have come bak and i have done 4 entries tonight :)
got some more thoughts i gotta get out, just gotta figure out how to word them, so soon they'll be there :P